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Fresh, local food for our community

For so many years, cooking great food and drinking great wine was a quiet source of pleasure for my husband and me at home. It was how we rewarded ourselves after a busy workweek, and eventually, how we shared our joy and passion for life's finer things with our children. I moved to this part of Houston in 1996, and as I have become more connected with our Fort Bend community, I have wanted to share my pleasures of the best-quality wines and delicious, healthy foods with my neighbors and friends. Off the Vine Bistro represents my way of sharing the things I love to make, eat, and drink with all of you.


Our wine menu, flavored by the years that my husband and I spent living in Europe, is eclectic and diverse. Our food, influenced both by my experience with food allergies and sensitivities at chain restaurants and by my Indian heritage, is authentically-cooked and meaningfully-sourced. A fun note: almost everything on our menu can be made gluten-free or vegan. Our offering of experiences-- wine diners, wine tastings, cooking classes, tea parties, and more-- is a reflection of the things I love to do with my own friends, and what my family finds joy in sharing with the world. 

The Bistro offers eclectic wines and craft beers and locally roasted coffee paired with farm to table foods to satisfy the curious and the savvy.

Off the Vine Bistro is meant to be a place to where you can escape from your to-do list and spend an hour or two indulging in the things that always make me feel better: fine wine, good food, and an unexpected conversation. Come spend your evening with us!

And now we have moved to our forever home at 4220 Cartwright Road #701, Missouri City TX 77459, just a few minutes down. Still offering at this location a relaxed and unhurried ambience at our tasting room.


Now offering wine paired foods and tasting and travel experiences. Join us on our adventures!


Namita Asthana

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